? Ultrasonic Energy Meter (0 to 500 kHz)
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Ultrasonic Energy Meter

Measures both cavitation energy and frequency in your ultrasonic bath/ tanks, which allow you to:

  • Measures your Ultrasonic bath tank performance
  • Establish Ultrasonic Bath to Bath Uniformity
  • Map the energy variations in your tank.
  • Ultrasonic Performance Validations

The Ultrasonic Cavitation Meters (0 to 500 KHz) are precise instruments for measuring ultrasonic cavitation energy density, as well as the ultrasonic frequency. The systems measure energy density at a given point in time and space in a single fixed direction in the tank.

The ultrasonic cavitation meters are simple and easy to use yet contain sophisticated electronics for data storage, retrieval and analysis. Readings are processed 1.5 times per second for fast accurate display on the front panel LCD.

In "auto mode" the unit will gather statistical parameters including average, standard deviation, minimum and maximum readings.

This allows you to establish several strategies to characterize a tank. Data collection strategies include:

  • Measuring energy variations at a given point in the tank as a function of time.
  • Mapping a tank by ‘walking’ the probe at a fixed depth under the surface of the tank. See an example below "Mapping Energy".

Comparing average energy from tank to tank, over the life of a tank, or unloaded versus loaded with parts to be cleaned:


Cavitation Energy Measurement Range

0 to 255 w/in2 (w/gal*)

Energy Measurement Accuracy

±0.2% w/in2 (w/gal)

Energy Measurement Display Resolution

1.0 w/in2 (w/gal)

Frequency Measurement Range

0 to 500 kHz

Frequency Measurement Accuracy

±1.0 kHz

Frequency Display Resolution

0.1 kHz


Custom LCD


100 sets: Location, Date, time, Avg. energy, Max Energy, Min. energy, DT, Frequency.


Computer or Serial printer interface


Standard 7.2-volt battery charger, Probe

Case Materials

Aluminum with polyurethane baked enamel paint

Probe Materials

Contact us for details.

Operating Temperatures

1° to 100° C (33° to 392° F)


One 7.2-volt sealed Ni-MH rechargeable battery


2 lb. Complete

Case Dimension

4" W x 8" L x 2" H

NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate

  • An NIST traceable calibration certificate (http://www.nist.gov/), provided by an independent ISO-9000/ISO-17025 accredited metrology lab, is available for all products manufactured by PPB Megasonics.
  • The calibration certificate is on a 12-month cycle, and the turnaround time each year is approximately one week to ten days.The lab performs NIST Traceable calibrations on the units .
  • They are compliant to MIL-STD-45662A, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, ISO-9002, cGMP, QSR, and applicable regulatory agency requirements.
  • The lab provides a paper Calibration Certificate and Data Report, and a calibration label. They calibrate under controlled Temperature and Humidity conditions.