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ATS FluoroSampler™

ATS FluoroSampler™ for Sample Preparation

The ATS FluoroSampler™ extends the benefits of the ATS300GM Fluorometer technology to a full, on-line sample preparation and analysis routine. It operates with micro samples, with a rotating carousel sample tray offering 12 positions for platinum dishes, and over 70 positions for sample vials, it increases overall analytical accuracy and reduces both, the need for expensive chemicals and the amount of industrial waste. It greatly increases productivity and the dependability of the analysis results; also saving on laboratory bench space. With robotics automation using a very high precision piston-type auto-dilutor and computer software operation, simultaneous data logging in specific pre-defined files is but one of the many benefits open to a laboratory manager. Statistical information can be retrieved that will assist in GLP and method validation. Example: statistics and histograms can be established, graphic displays of key values made and many more user defined functions set up


  • Different dilution sample preparation routines: 1:10 and 1:100.
  • ATS FluoroSampler™ with dispensing arm, a carousel tray (with 89 positions that accepts up to 12 platinum sample dishes and vials of 4 ml capacity), and an intelligent precision micro syringe piston dilutor.
  • ATS Micro dilutor is a piston type syringe precision micro dilutor for high precision volumetric liquid dispensing, with an imprecision of better than 0.1% C.V.
  • The automatic routines of the ATS FluoroSampler™ cover: collection of a sample, collection of diluent solutions, dispensing and mixing these in the sample vial, and final delivery onto a platinum dish.
  • Micro-sample volume can be programmed to dispense on 1 or up to 12 different sample platinum dishes automatically