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ATS Fluorometer Model 300GM

ATS Fluorometer Model 300GM for Uranium Analysis

  • The ATS300GM are designed for applications that require High Sensitivity and Low Detection Limits are required in the analysis. It is supplied with a laptop as standard and operates using the proprietary ATS FluoroSoft Software (see below).
  • It offers high speed and stability; typically 5 seconds per measuring cycle, and High Precision of 1% C.V, at 100 ppb.



The ATS FluoroSoft Software extends the performance of the Fluorometer and offers multiple benefits including analysis under specific methods and archiving and/or printing reports without the need of transcription. This permits easy method development via a PC, allowing for final analytical data to be graphically displayed, mathematically adjusted, and final result report exported to MS Excel or as print-out. The new ATS 300GM Fluorometer is a fluorescence based instrument ideal for dependable uranium analysis where high sensitivity.

The ATS 300GM Fluorometer is dedicated toward uranium analysis and has specially been developed to provide laboratories with an Analyzer that is simple to use, yet offers very fast, very accurate and repeatable analyses. It is also of great assistance in the implementation of international laboratory standards such as GLP. This versatile instrument is the ideal tool for environmental studies, pollution control, and drinking water analysis.

The ATS 300GM Fluorometer follows the Jarrell-Ash G-M Fluorometer original design; it has now been re-engineered with new improved technology for easy operation, added safety, and speed of user interface.


  • Covers ranges from below 10 ppb to 100ppm.
  • A special module allows measuring to below 0.1 ppb. (Optional)
  • Calibration: Zero and single high point calibration are done automatically.
  • No isolating optics to focus, align or to clean.
  • High speed and stability: typically 5 seconds measuring cycle
  • Easy-to-read LCD/LED display with green backlight, 4 lines, 20 characters dot matrix
  • High precision: 1% C.V, at 100 ppb.
  • Soft-key operation! 4 Soft-keys allows easy navigation of the menu and executing commands
  • Greater accuracy through automatic zero and background setting.
  • Connects to laptop/notebook via RS232/USB connection using the ATS FluoroSoft™ software.

Applications- Health Sciences

  • Uranium in urine, blood, bone, liver, spleen, and tissues.
  • Uranium in industrial fumes and dust Air pollution studies.
  • Screening test for personnel working in radio-active contamination environment.
  • Environmental protection, uranium in water, rivers, wells, underground water, food etc.
  • Drinking water quality analysis.

Applications-Industrial Analysis

  • Uranium in natural waters (both saline and non-saline), etc.
  • Evaluation of solvent losses in extraction circuits and waste water quality control
  • Soil remediation of old uranium mines and clean up, etc.

Dimensions and Weights

  • 420L X 280W X 380H mm; Net 9 kg